Eric Rohmer

Comedies and Proverbs

Notes on Eric Rohmer's six Comedies and Proverbs films made in the 1980s. All released on DVD in the UK by Arrow. They are about the subtle portrayal of relationships between men and women. The series is designed as meditations upon the everyday rituals and concerns of lovers; they have no great theme, just everyday emotions, mixed in with a few small miracles.

The Aviator's Wife (La Femme De L'Aviateur 1980)

A Good Marriage (Le Beau Mariage 1982)

Pauline At The Beach (Pauline á la Plage 1983)

Full Moon In Paris (Les Nuits De La Pleine Lune 1984)

The Green Ray (Le Rayon Vert 1986)

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (L'Ami De Mon Amie 1987)

Eric Rohmer