Family Bible

Family Bible - anybody recognize these names?
David and Jemima were my great-great-great-grandparents. This listing is from the family bible owned by my third cousin. Family Legend has it that they came to London from near Aberystwyth. If you recognize the list below then I would love to hear from you at the email address at the bottom of the page.


Anne Williams was born 12th April 1773
          Died 21st January 1795

Elizabeth Williams was born 5th February 1776

Mary Williams was born May 1778

Jemima Williams was born April 1782
          Died 29th of March 1832

Benjamin Williams was born August 1784

David Williams was born December 1786

John Williams was born December 14th 1788
          Died 28th of July 1823

David Davies was married with Jemima Williams August 19th 1811

Elizabeth Davies was born March 1st 1812

David Davies was born July 13th 1815
          Died October 1st 1817

Margeretta Davies was born January 5th 1818

David Davies was born August 1st 1821

Jemima Kezia Davies was born October 2? 182?
          Died June 5th 1830
The Bible is in Welsh and known as a Peter Williams Bible. Peter Williams was very strong in the Methodist movement and was involved in translating the Bible into Welsh. It was published in May 1770.