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I spend quite a bit of time working on other people's websites and this site is really a bit of self-indulgence; a chance for me to play with a few designs and to publish some of my own scribblings. Below is a bit of detail about these pages which I hope you will find of interest.


Eric Rohmer

My notes on Eric Rohmer's six Comedies and Proverbs films made in the 1980s. All now released on DVD in the UK by Arrow. I may extend these to include other series of films made by Rohmer at a later date. This section forms an integral sub-site.

Harry Orbell

Harry Orbell was my great-great-aunt's brother. I'm sporadically researching his life and publishing some of my findings here. I would be pleased to hear from anybody who has information on Harry. I first visited his grave in Tower Hamlets Cemetery in July 2005 and returned in October 2006 to take some photographs.